Samsung leak their own Note III screen size?

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Samsung has announced their new flagship earlier this month The Galaxy S4. And of course, the screen on it is even bigger than it previous version. With its new 5-inch display, it’s coming pretty close in size to the Samsung Note II. It make us wonder how they are going to keep the ”phablet” status of the Note III ?

Well they might already tell the world how they are going to do it, when they announce the S4, they also present, few accessories with it, and one of them catches our eyes, the Gamepad is supposed to serve has a game remote. Look at the picture above and you will notice something interesting.

The Gamepad specification sheet, which indicate support for 4-inch up to 6.3-inch, there is something special, Samsung has not yet released any 6.3-inch device, that might be a hint of their next Note version.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Do you think Samsung is crossing the line with is supersize phone?

Photo credit Androidguys

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